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4th Aug 2011

12h00 – Had a nice long lay-in this morning recovering from 2 nights of poor sleep in Auxerre Central Hospital. HEART – The news is GOOD, after my coronary catheterizationI have been given a clear report as regards my heart.  … Continue reading

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24th July 2011

17h40 – He did it again Cav gets the green, how do they do that?

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23rd July 2011

12h00 – Long time no write.  Well it’s been busy I’ve been to the UK twice and we’ve had a few visitors here.   The last week we have had at long last some rain, lots of rain.  It’s been a … Continue reading

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14th May 2011

07h00 – Had to get up earlier this morning, Philippe and Julien are coming to lay the ‘chap’, concrete that surrounds the underfloor heating, in the orange bedroom. I installed the extruded polystyrene insulation and PEX [PER in French] pipework … Continue reading

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6th May 2011

08h00 – Decided to have an easy day today, Phillippe the tiler will come next week so there is no last minute panic for the Orange bedroom.  Also I have a real pain in my left shoulder it’s been aggravating … Continue reading

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