Cette page est un peu d’info à propos la site web de L’Echiquier .

  • L’Echiquier is our home in The Yonne (89), Burgundy, France.   The main web-site tells the story of how after at least 25 years of nobody living there the house and garden are slowly being turned into something liveable, well we like it.
  • We are not restoring the house to its former French farmhouse style with small living area, stables, cowshed, pigsty, pigeon loft, barn and granary.   All of those areas are still visible but integrated into a new complete home – a renovation.  The house is an harmonious blend of older wooden beams and modern furnishing.
  • The garden rather than a dessert of just grass and paved areas is split into formal, semi-formal and wilder areas.   Slightly differing habitats to encourage all kinds of flora and fauna.
  • The site is in Metropolitan French and British English.

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