This BLOG is a set of sporadic, spontaneous thoughts and recording from what’s happening around me, from my perspective.  There is no particular plan to these events and no real structure apart from a day-to-day diary.


  • Weather – temperatures given are in degrees Celsius, °C, from an Oregon radio thermometer on the external north wall of the house.
  • Web-Links – Links are not necessarily maintained on older posts, sorry.
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation – not my forte, I’m an engineer, but I’ll endeavour to do my best.
  • People – I have named people but hopefully not in a way that causes them embarrassment, ridicule or harm.   If you want your name removed, just ask me.
  • Language
  • Country – British English only – apologies to other readers.  The main
    L’Echiquier web-site
    is available in both Metropolitan French and British English.
  • Offense – I have tried not to use inappropriate language but some British slang/colloquial expressions may be present.
  • Time – The time here in France is UCT +2hr, that’s 1 hr in front of the UK in old money.  Central European Summer Time (CEST) +0200 UTC.


  • Bookings – see below …
    NB – the tunnels are not suitable for children under of 10 years of age or for anyone with a walking disability.

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Nystagmus – Do you know what it is?


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