14th May 2011

07h00 – Had to get up earlier this morning, Philippe and Julien are coming to lay the ‘chap’, concrete that surrounds the underfloor heating, in the orange bedroom. I installed the extruded polystyrene insulation and PEX [PER in French] pipework last week. It’ll need aout .75 to 1.0 cu metre of concrete. That’s a lot of buckets which Julien will have to carry from the mixer, up the stairs and across the mezzanine. Philippe will be doing the laying and levelling, this needs to be good as the finished surface will be tiled and they are 30cm (1ft) square and need a very flat surface to be layed well, Philippe will do this as well.

Picture show insulation and concrete reinforcing grid that will also hold the underfloor heating tube in place before the 50mm (2″) minimum concrete is added. The original floor sloped from west to east so one side will be thicker than the other. 3 weeks are needed to let the concrete dry sufficiently. Additionally an expansion foam has been placed around the vertical edge.

Insulation and metal reinforcing grid

Insulation and metal reinforcing grid

15h00 – Philippe took his son Julien to St Fargeau and he himslf returned for lunch. After lunch I turned to cleaning all the floors and the stairs over which bucket upon bucket of wet concrete had been carried by Julien. He made remarkably little mess despite the fact it was also raining outside, a welcome rain indeed.

Two pics of Philippe finishing the floor, it was made more complex by the door being above a beam so poor old Philippe had to reach down to get the final bit flat.

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