6th May 2011

08h00 – Decided to have an easy day today, Phillippe the tiler will come next week so there is no last minute panic for the Orange bedroom.  Also I have a real pain in my left shoulder it’s been aggravating me for a coupe of days but last night and this morning it really hurt.  P massaged it to ease it and put some Arnica oil on it but it’s still hurting now.  Good news is my chest pain seems to have gone.   I’m thinking I’ve done too much lifting and bruised and strained my self.

So it’s hammock out on the front lawn and BBC Radio 4 or 4 Extra via sattelite on the wireless headphones.

10h00 – Had the first, just the one, strawberry from the garden this morning.

11h00 – New header picture added, acknowledgments to iSpot – your place to share nature.

12H00 – The last few days I have been busy emptying the Orange bedroom and getting it ready for tiling the floor.  This involves laying 50mm of extruded polystyrene insulation all over the bedroom and bathroom floor then laying the underfloor heating IPEX tube which is held in place by steel reinforcing mesh ready for the 50mm minimum concrete screed.  This screed has to be very level as 300mm square tiles will be laid on top.  As such I have engaged Philippe and Julien to lay the screed as Philippe will be tiling the floor, he ought to get it right.  So a nice little light job, tidy up all the tools and clear the mezzanine so we can get the 0.75m² of ciment, sand and fluidifiant mix into the Orange bedroom.  That’s hauling it by hand across the front lawn and upstairs a bucket at a time.  Good luck Julien, I’ll mix you carry.

More strawberries for lunch.

P watered all the veg last night and I watered the south hedge which is showing signs of stress, we have had no rain for weeks now, a very, very dry April.

17h00 – I watched The Lighthouse Stevensons on BBC TV last night, all about building lighthouses around Scotland.  The programme ended with a a modern day ferry skipper answering a question about the usefulness of lighthouses and buoys today with a bridge full of modern technology.  He said “All this and GPS can tell me where it thinks I am, when I see that light I know where I am”.  That brought a shiver to my body; amazing comment.

There is also a book by Bella Bathurst. and a Wiki on Robert.

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