22nd April 2011

08h00 – Olivier arrived at just after 08h30 to assist me to put in new double glazed doors and windows at the front of the house.P had ordered and bought thensome time ago and we had been to Lapeyre in Nevers to get them home.  Olivier is a builder (mason) who lives locally and I can pay him by the hour.   I hvae explained that my work is not urgent in the sense that he came and go and use me as fill in jobs arorund other bigger jobs he may have, heseems to like this.
I intend to use his French building knowledge, expertise and skill to help on a number of jobs that are too big for me on my own.  If fitting the doors and windows goes well then it’s the sun-room to the front of the house, footing and concrete slab and the balcony to the east gable, knock down existing lean-to sheds and build anew with better footings.

12h00 – It’s taking longer than we both expected, getting the heavy, oak, double glazed door square in the old opening.  It is troublesome.

16h00 – Door at last fitted after lifting it up by 1cm to allow a doormat in the main hall.  Over to Olivier to do his bit with ciment and fill in arround the frame and the stone door-step.

17h00 – All done, time for a beer.  One of Kate’s blackcurrant infusions.



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