30th March 2011

17h00 – I have been feeling more breathless than usual this past few months so on return from my last visit to the UK, where I was getting even more breathless, I though a trip to the Doctor in order.

Besides being advised to loose a bit of weight I am now 91kg (14 st 5 lbs), a tad heavy, eat less salt (I don’t take too much anyway), I also got a prescription :-

  • for some diuretics (my legs show evidence of retaining fluid),
  • a chest radiography and
  • to see a cardiac specialist.

P arranged the radiography for Friday, my birthday – 60.  The cardiac appointment is on 25th May and I pee enough already so goodness know what I’ll do with the diuretic (Fruesémide – they give it to horses and I’ve seen them pee).

At the same time I also arranged my annual blood tests and a tetanus inoculation.

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