5th January 2011

09h00 – Hotel Tegnérlund did a fine Scandinavian serve yourself breakfast. A choice of cereals, different types of bread, meats, cheeses, fresh fruit, water, milk, culture milk (kefir), soya milk, a hot dish – a kind of baked omlette – really nice, juices, boiled eggs – hard and soft in differnt bowls, tea, tisanes, danish pastries and of course Swedish coffee.  So we sat down and tucked in.

There is no need to over-fill your plate as many non-scandinavians do, just take a small amount then later go up and get another plate and help yourself to some more.   It’s not like a British buffet where it seems that if you don’t get there first and pile up your plate you won’t get any.  Well of course this in the end does become true all those greedy bsaratds people in front of you take the lot and the kitchen does not replenish.  Breakfast in Norway where I once worked is a leisurely thing, especially at the weekend or on holiday and the kitchen continuously fills up the serving dishes.  Relax take it easy.

10h00 – The hotel had free WiFi and printing facilities, so I got myself a loginID and password from reception and I was all set.

11h00 – On he road to Gamla Stan – Old Town, a small island due south, plenty of shops and places to eat, a bit touritys but then we were tourists.  Not overcrowded at this time of year and it was a public holiday after all – Epiphany.  Stockhom Map opens in a separate window/tab for your future reference.

Some of my wants was to sample – Swedish Christmas Beer (Julöl – I tried Falcons Mumma), some Glögg (mulled wine) and eat some Pytt i panna (hotch potch) and stekt Strömming (fried Baltic Herring – Clupea harengus membras).  I got it all except the Herring.

… more Stockholm coming soon …


Hermans – Vegan, Pickwicks – Pub – Pyttipanna, Abyssinia – Vegan, Lebanese, Chutney, Hermitage, String, Many coffee and cake shops


Vasa – Vasa ship – not enough time, Skansen –  Open air, Techinical – The whole gambit, Sport – Idrett, Historical – Vikings and gold, National – Art and design, Nordiska – Fashion, customs, Sami – Not enough time, Tram – Enthusiasts


Modern Museum, T-ban stations


Hötorget, Söderhallarna, Östermalms Saluhall


Metro (T-ban) stations – art and solid rock, Skansen, Gamla stan, Södermalm, Parliament, Palace


Metro (T-ban), Train, Tram (Spörvogn), Boat

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