3rd April 2011

15h30 – It’s been raining all day and I have just come in from resolving the leaky gutter on the new garage.   I cleaned all the gutters about 3 weeks ago and installed some dirt-catchers where the gutter and downpipe meet.   They did their job very well and got so clogged that the gutters now overflow.  So the dirt-catchers have been removed and disposed of.

Quick check of pond pumps, filters and skimmers showed all was OK, the big skimmer was working very well and had been cleaned out twice.  Water levels all good but the small pond, as usual, showed signs of slight loss.  I cannot work out what’s happening here, the pond itself is sound, the water level all winter was fine.  I tried last year various by-passes but still cannot see where the water is going. Still raining steadily.

16h00 – Retuned all the FreeSat boxes to see if Channel 4 HD was there yet and if BBC Radio 7 had got its new name, Radio 4 Extra.   No Channel 4 HD.   Settled down to listen to Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel on Radio 4 Extra.


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